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Thread: Canning Question

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    Canning Question

    Yes, I know it's late in the year to be thinking about canning, but just got a challenge and I want to be able to can the results, if possible.

    The challenge is to make a salsa that my future-son-in-law and his best friend would break out in a sweat when they try it. I have the recipe, and know that the secret to how "hot" it can get is in the cooking. There will be some of it I want to take some out and can it while it's still in the "mild" stage.

    While I haven't done much canning in my life, I seem to remember to get a good seal on the canning jar is to give it a hot water bath. In the case of this salsa, would I need to give the jars it's bath as well, or will canning it while hot will allow the seal to happen? And if I'm able to get the seal w/o the bath, will it be safe to store in the cupboard?

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    Read this article, and see what you think.

    You might want to just freeze your salsa, if more heat adds more "heat".

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