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Thread: CYLC - Day 27: Streamlining Your Kitchen

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    Default CYLC - Day 27: Streamlining Your Kitchen

    Yup, I'm back on the CYLC wagon! Honestly, I let procrastination take hold, and so had to do a bit of reviewing to get my ducks back in a row. Now, we're on to Day 27, and we'll be working in the kitchen. Parts of this won't really apply to me, since I haven't been in this house very long.

    First -

    Go through your food cabinets/pantry, looking at foods that have been there more than three months. Brooke's guidelines for keeping or getting rid of these foods are -
    1. Does it expire? If it does, and soon, then put it in a "use it fast" spot.
    2. If it does not expire, ask yourself what you plan to do with it. If the answer is "eat it soon", Brooke suggests donating it to the local food bank.
    3. If it has already expired, toss it.

    Second -

    Keep like items together. Soups, canned veggies, fruits, and other items should be grouped together. Searching for that last can of pineapple rings for your special pineapple upside down cake is no fun! Much easier to have it with all the rest of the fruit. (I already do this - ask Zippity! :hehe

    Third -

    Consolidate open packages. I like to keep most of my dry goods in plastic containers, and I do label them. One white powder looks much like another, and I'd like to know if I am using wheat flour, spelt flour, rice flour ... no guessing!

    Fourth -

    Simplify dishware sets. I have two full sets of dishes, which I alternate as the mood strikes. Also, I have several coffee mugs - seven, actually - which get regular use instead of the coffee cups that come with our dish sets. Whichever set is not in use is packed away.

    Fifth -

    Match up your plastic storage containers with their lids. Oddballs can be kissed goodbye, unless you have a legitimate use for them. I use some containers for space dyeing yarns and rovings, so I do keep a couple of odd containers for that kind of thing. No lids required.

    And that's the beginning of organizing your kitchen! How much of this do you already do? I found that I do most of it, though I do need to take another run through the plastic storage. Those darned lids are always going walkabout.

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    Thoughts on the kitchen...

    It's true.My table is in one place. My pots are in another and I keep numerous tea balls in all the right places, included the outside pocket of my jansport backpack.

    But I work in a kitchen that supports a facility of 3000+.

    Here a few gems I thought I might add:

    1. Location, Location, Location
    If you don't use it everyday- get rid of it or put in the far reaches of Mongolia.

    If you do use it daily-keep it close to your work area.

    2. Work areas
    Setting up one area for an activity is a wonderful idea- if you have the space to do so.If you constantly use a mixer, keep a spatula in the drawer near the mixer- not in the container by the stove( and keep a heat resistant one near the stove).

    3.Burn the dish barn ( repeat of number 4, but an all star "pet" peeve for me).
    How many sets of dishes do you need ? Yes, I know your sister gave you the pansy dishes in 1984, but do you need every matching coffee mug when you pour your roaring thunder each morning into a cat mug every day ?

    4.Begin with the end in mind
    How would Stephen Covey keep his kitchen ? Do you want to have a zen like place feng shu'ed like the cover House and Garden?
    Or Is it the heart and soul of your existence ?
    There has to be a balance of ying and yang somewhere.
    Bless yourself with new plastic containers that match and throw the spaghetti stained Tupperware away. Greet the evening task of chopping potatoes with a new cutting board. The stuff I threw away when packing my kitchen will never grace my eyesight again for a reason.

    5.Can you really live without it ?Take a chance and if you can't Walmart sells a replacement cheap.
    I am guilty of keep the Pyrex dish collection, when I know that I probably won't ever cook for a family of five again- but it is high on the list when I unpack myself to look for new homes for some of the pieces.

    6.How many knives do you need ? Are they sharp ? Are they safe( Gini gets Kudos for blade safety !) ?"
    Steel is cheap, space if not.

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    Yeah, I'm getting to it.. Zippity's Avatar
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    Some more thoughts along this line:

    1. How many uni-taskers are in your kitchen? (Thanks, Alton.) Is the most important uni-tasker, your fire extinguisher, easily accessible?

    2. Sharpen up your knife, and other basic kitchen skills. It saves time and it saves space to learn to use the basic tools in your kitchen with skill. You're not inclined to buy the latest, greatest "pancake flipper-tong combo" or "thirty speed mini chopper" or "super nifty double-bladed ginsu knife" when you're skilled with the simple tools you have.

    3. I can't echo Karis on location enough. For items that see only occasional or seasonal use, make use of offsite and non-prime storage. I have a couple of cabinets in the garage that I use for my occasionally used equipment. Put it somewhere you aren't tripping over it on a daily basis--everything will go faster!

    4. Buy quality. (it's not necessarily expensive.) More is not always better, and a little bit of research can lead to kitchen equipment that will literally last forever. You use this stuff every day. Malfunctioning or flimsy equipment is a safety hazard. Plus, when you buy cheap things, it's easy to justify owning more than you really need. If you have to think about adding another piece of eqiupiment it's easier to keep your kitchen streamlined.
    "I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do."

    - Leonardo Da Vinci

    "I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart."

    - Vincent Van Gogh

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