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Thread: Freezer tips !

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    Default Freezer tips !

    Top ten reason why having a roll of wax paper around might be helpful while you do freezer prep

    1. Use Wax paper to separate frozen hamburger patties when you make a bunch for the grill. Shape patties and add wax paper between layers in container. Then use the patties as you need( also use with pancakes and waffles and french toast).

    2. Use as a counter protector under your bowl when you know that the recipe you are using us gonna be a mess and you have no time to clean it up.

    3. Salvage the pages of your favorite cookbook when it drops in the sink !
    Put slips of wax paper between the pages so that they will stay open and dry.
    4. Use it to roll out your dough and for really sticky jobs roll your dough out between two pieces of wax paper

    5. Make a funnel for getting dry ingredients into a mixer.

    6. Cut down on your microwave spatters, cover the beans or spaghetti with wax paper

    7. You can line you cake pans instead of using parchment paper. As long as your batter will cover the wax paper you are ok.

    8. Candy making is a breeze: chocolate strawberries work better on wax paper than foil, fudge will not stick to the pan if your use it as a liner

    9. Protect your pretty cake plate from icing: make strips of wax paper to put under the edges of a cake before you ice it. When done remove the strips of wax paper and voila ! Your cake plate is clean and your icing is on the cake.

    10. Finally: Entertain the kids with the pudding on the wax paper trick.If they are really board, allow them to finger paint on wax paper with pudding. It is a mess, but little freezer cooks must start somewhere and you can make pudding pops at the same time.
    Best finger paint I have ever tasted
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    Default Re: Freezer tips !

    Karis Top Ten Things That Don&#039;t Freeze Well*****

    1. Something that has been cooked, frozen and thawed.
    This means don&#039;t freeze the chili if you have used cooked frozen ground beef or worse refreeze the chili that was already frozen once
    2. Lettuce
    The cells in lettuce leaves are filled with water. When you freeze the leaves the water expands it blows the little cell walls to pieces. Without those walls your Romaine, Endive or Iceberg becomes mush.
    3. Whipping cream that you want to whip later
    You can freeze whipping cream, but due to the molecular changes it might not whip later. IF you find it on sale( cheap cheap cheap) you can freeze it for soups, sauces and puddings. Ditto for milk. It might not taste the same, but you can use it for other things
    4. Refrigerator Biscuits, rolls or anything &quot;popping fresh &quot; out of a can
    Freezing them little guys will mess with the leaving agent and they won&#039;t rise in the oven.
    There are some sources that say you can freeze homemade pizza dough or bread dough. I have that on my list to try.
    5 .Fresh Eggs in the Shell
    ( Ok, there are some cooks our there in www that are laughing, but first rule is never assume.....
    You can freeze the yolks and the whites, but get them out of the shell first !
    6. Mayo or salad dressings
    My ancient cookbook says it will separate.
    7. The soft cheeses, think dairy
    Cottage cheese ,cream cheese, ricotta and sour cream will change. You can freeze them, but don&#039;t expect them to act the same way.
    I have heard that Yogurt is ok, but it never seems to last long enough at my house to freeze.
    8. Potatoes, unless you want mashed.
    Potatoes can turn to masses of &quot; bleuch&quot; in soups or stews. To combat this problem use red potatoes and slightly undercook them in a casserole
    9. Sandwiches that contain mayo, salad dressings or jelly
    The wonderful condiments seem to soak through the bread when thawed. Everything gets soggy.
    Instead try assembling the sandwich without and dressing it before you leave for school or work.
    10. Tomatoes
    Tomatoes like the lettuce are just going to go to mush, but I take them, peel them by dropping them into boiling water, take the seeds out( roma variety is my favorite)and make chunky garden sauce for pizza or pasta. That will freeze.
    ******Your Aunt Belluah might be able to freeze these things, but for the most part, they don&#039;t work well.
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    Default Re: Freezer tips !

    The Big Thaw - Safe Defrosting Methods


    This is a great little article about doing things the right way. I know. I grew up in a household where Mom put the chicken on top of the water heater by noon so it would be thawed ( maybe) by five. We didn&#039;t have a microwave until after I went to college either.

    interesting quote:

    After thawing in the refrigerator, ground meat and poultry should remain usable for an additional day or two before cooking; red meat, 3 to 5 days. Foods defrosted in the refrigerator can be refrozen without cooking, although there may be some loss of quality.

    hum... makes you think
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    Default Re: Freezer tips !

    Freezer Double or nothing collection
    Double or nothing ?
    That means if I don&#039;t think about doubling a few things here and there we will come in on a Sunday night, unload ourselves from the going fishing and have nothing to eat. I don&#039;t want to cook on those nights and heating up my kitchen in the summer time is a real issue, so having something ready in the freezer or partially ready becomes a really great asset.
    If you cook these items one time it is worth considering cooking a second recipe to have ready for the next time you are running late !

    Karis Top Ten Double or Nothing Meals
    1.Tacos- Taco salad meat, Burritos,Nachos
    2.Spaghetti sauce- Pizza , Calzones
    3.Pork roast- BBQ pork,Enchiladas
    4.Chili-Chili dogs,Frito pie
    5.Sloppy jo-Sloppy jo casserole,Girl scout stew
    6.Lasagna- Lasagna roll ups, Manicotti
    7.Grilled sausage-Sausage and kraut, Sausage/green pepper hoagies
    8.Grilled chicken- Chicken quesadilla meat, Chicken fajita salad
    9.Meatballs- Meatloaf, Meat ball sandwiches
    10.Ham- Omelet night, Ham alfredo, bean soup
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    Default Re: Freezer tips !

    Top ten things that you might want to consider having on hand for a big freezer cooking session

    1. Check your ziploc bags, foil and other paper goods to make sure you can wrap everything up at the end of the day.
    2. Clean dish cloths,plenty of dish soap, extra roll of paper towels and a prayer( if applicable) that things don&#039;t get out of hand
    3.A helper :2up:
    4.Lots of room to cool things- a card table is great !
    5.A clean sink and dishwasher to start out with !
    6. Your recipes printed out and put in page protectors in a folder or notebook.
    7. A baby sitter for your children or arrangements for them when they get off the bus and descend on your house.
    8. Enough freezer container and Freezer space for your planned cooking session.
    9. Do not plan on buying your groceries on cooking day- always check them the day before in case you are almost out of mundane things like oil or butter
    10.As suggested by many other OMAC cooks- the number for takeout at the end of the day. A big cooking session is a long hard day and then you have to clean it up ! Pizza or Chinese might be a good reward for a job well done !
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