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Thread: Book Review - Apricots on the Nile

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    Default Book Review - Apricots on the Nile

    [size=14pt]Apricots on the Nile by Colette Rossant[/size]
    ISBN 0-7475-5816-7

    Taken from the back cover
    "In 1937, five year old Colette Rossant arrives in Cairo from Paris with her Egyptian-Jewish father and beautiful French mother. When her father dies, Colette's flighty mother abandons the little girl to her wealthy grandparents.

    Colette soons settles into the luxurient, food-centred lifestyle of her new family - spending afternoons in the spice-filled kitchen with Ahmet the cook, accompanying her grandmother on expeditions to the bazaar, and feasting on delicious Egyptian food - meatballs with apricot sauce, stuffed grape leaves and sambusaks, the mouth-watering pastries.

    But the idyllic Egyptian days are soon over and Colette's mother returns to Paris with Colette when she is fifteen. Colette never sees her beloved grandparents again and only returns to Egypt thirty years later. In this charming, funny and moving memoir she evokes an Egypt lost, to her and to us, for ever. Accompaied by recipes that will tempt you into the kitchen, this is a capitavting account of a magical childhood"

    My Review
    Oh how I wanted to be left in Egypt as a child to have grown up in this house, putting aside any obvious problems with that (mainly it being that I am an Aussie born gal who's ancestors came from Scotland and nowhere near Egypt) a girl can dream right?!?!!

    This is the first book of Rossant's that I fell in love with, I love food from all over the world but the descriptions of the spices and dishes that were made by Ahmet made my mouth water.. I could also smell them on a hot summer day, I could dream about eating cool fruit in the shade of a big tree, and looking around I could see all the family, the cousins and the grandparents all enjoying life with each other... The way she writes about them is with love and humour which kept me hooked right through to the end.

    This is a small book, 250 pages at the most, recipes appear every 3-4 pages and most would be easily made after a trip to the local supermarket with a few herbs/spices requiring a bit more of a look through a speciality store or some online purchasing...

    I found this book almost hypnotic and devoured it in an afternoon on the couch, I then went online looking at flight costs to Cairo before logic set in and I made reservations at the local Egyptian restaurant for dinner that following weekend instead (which was delish btw!)
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    Default Re: Book Review - Apricots on the Nile

    ooh, shades of Claudia Roden (sp?) -- I was given several copies of her book as wedding gifts

    This looks like it will be an interesting read, must bug the local library to get a copy!
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