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Thread: Freezer Cookbook Reviews

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    Default Freezer Cookbook Reviews

    There is an ocean of information out there on the web about freezer cooking. When it comes to freezer cookbooks there are even few and far between. Luckily some of them are outstanding !
    If you have a freezer cookbook that is not listed and want to add a review please contact me and I will add it into the collection !
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    Cookbook review “The Freezer Cooking Manual from the 30 day Gourmet&quot;
    I had been actively cooking freezer meals for four years. Even when I did not have a big freezer I would take off work one day a month (Due to no overtime rule that was easy) and cook meals. I had been to the “30 day gourmet” site enough to know that the book was probably full things I needed to know.
    But 15.00 for a cookbook, when I could look up recipes all day on the internet seemed like a lot of money. I waited and waited thinking I would find one at the half price used book store.
    But then I needed something to round out another order on Amazon and I broke down and bought it.
    It’s a good book.
    If you want to give it to someone who was a brand new wet behind the ears, twenty- something with two kids that had never cooked much I recommend it. It breaks things down to the simple notion of how to plan, purchase and prepare things for the freezer. The meals are basic, food on the table, take something to the neighbor’s when they are sick type recipes that are great for busy families.
    But I am a forty-something that worked for a caterer when I was twenty. I often had to do the shopping for the kitchen so looking recipes and figuring amounts with the kitchen manager was no big deal.
    The thing that is helpful to me in this book is the information is all in one spot. I can look at the amounts and work with the recipes. No, I don’t eat the same stuff as the people in Brownsburg, Indiana (nice place- been to Plainfield and Avon, too), but there is enough in those recipes that I can add some chilies, amend the sauce with some spices and it begins to smell like home.
    I have heard the same argument over and over about the “cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup” being the basis of freezer recipes. They use a basic homemade white sauce in some cases, which is cheaper, lower in sodium and if you choose lower in fat.
    The there is the label “30 day gourmet” which makes us all think about the overwhelming task of creating 30 meals in one day in our little kitchens. I finally realized Tara and Nancy did this together. It was not as if they cooked this stuff up separate. In my early freezer days I tried to cook it all at once by myself- because that was what they did. The even cover that information in the book- mini sessions- what’s on sale and (the infamous until your dead on your feet) “cooking big”.
    The book has around than 75 recipes. It is heavy on advice, great on charts and does include planning worksheets that can be photocopied. There is information on how to get into the website to the member’s section. That seems mundane, until you realize the amount of recipes that are in the pfd files in the member’s section and the down loadable worksheets that are there.
    From the stand point of having the information in one place, incredible equivalence charts (like dry macaroni equals x cooked macaroni) and ease of usage this soft cover cookbook is worth 14.95 for anyone who ever hesitated. The extra stuff on the web page is just icing on the gingerbread for me. It&#039;s true there is a bunch of stuff out there on the web- but this is a gathering of really good information in one place.
    Yes- I would buy it again and might even buy one as a gift for a couple of my cooking impaired family members.

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    Default Re: Freezer Cookbook Reviews

    &quot;Once-a-Month-Cooking&quot; by Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg
    The first two week shopping list has 4 cans cream of mushroom soup and 2 cans cream of chicken soup for 14 days of meals. I about fell over in my chair that this was could have been the source of those comments. My library copy is 20 years old- it came out about that time that the world was shutting down their Mother&#039;s TNT recipe box and reading the back of the can for something that could be done easily when they came home from work.
    The cookbook has merit. It outlines a two week menu, gives you a shopping list and then list of how to assemble everything for two weeks worth of meals. No giant pots of anything that could feed an army as this is for one meal per night .The instructions are exact and it is not overwhelming. She tells you to package things together and what items to use on serving day. She gives menu ideas of what to serve things with and includes some of those recipes in the back of the book. The book includes recipes for a month and two months also- with a shopping list, container list and assembly order for putting together the meals. The two week plan is for those with small freezers.
    Her menus for two weeks:
    Chicken packets
    Mexican stroganoff
    Crab, sole and artichokes
    Linguine ala Anne
    Cheese soup
    Wild rice chicken
    Roast beef
    Marinated flank steak
    Chicken broccoli
    Baked eggs
    Pork chops w/Limas
    Poulet de France
    I think this book is good for someone who is trying to get it together. It might be the lifeline that rescues them from the dinner dilemma that hits when you don&#039;t have a plan. The recipes are hearty and designed for a variety of taste. There is no nutritional information in this edition- but again this is twenty years old (and who in the general population looked at sodium back then?). I would not buy it for myself- but was excited to find it in the little local library.
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