Since I consider you all friends, I wanted to share a little update from my world. Dh (Mr. Rskmom, lol) was diagnosed with bladder cancer in October. It was found early and is non-invasive, meaning it hasn't left the bladder. His prognosis is good. He is a bit on the young side for this diagnosis (53) and a non-smoker so it wasn't really on our radar.

He had surgery (TURBT) in October to scope the bladder and remove three tumors that were present.

He began receiving immunotherapy three weeks ago. Immunotherapy does not travel through the whole body like chemo does, and there are less side effects. This immunotherapy involves application of weakened TB vaccine directly into the bladder and is a common treatment method. This will continue once a week for six weeks and then he will have a cystoscopy (scoped again) and a CT or PET scan. Total completion time for these steps is about 3 months. After the scan we will be headed to Sloan Kettering for a second opinion and case review.

He had his third treatment (of the first six) today. The first one was uneventful, other than expected fatigue. After last week's treatment he had one day of side effects (fever, feeling like you are coming down with the flu, etc). We will see what this week holds.

His next course of action will then be determined by the results of the scope and scan. The Dr. has indicated that he may continue this treatment (on a less frequent schedule) for up to 22 months, as this kind of cancer has a 40% recurrence rate. He can continue to work and do what he feels up to.

Now that the initial shock of the C word has worn off, I can talk about it without bursting into tears. The boys (20, 17 and 17 yo) were shocked, but are dealing with things pretty well. We are hopeful and just trying to get on with our lives.