Welcome to the Everyday Superwoman Freezer section!

Our goal is to provide a forum for people to discuss freezer cooking. What does that mean?

It can be the simple stuff- like making sure that your food is safe and not growing a beard of frozen crystals when you take it out.

It can be a matter of short cuts of putting fresh and previously prep frozen food together for a fantastic meal.

It can save your face, your life, and your legs when you end up entertaining for a week and donít have the money to call for take out.

It involves thinking ahead, a bit of extra time investment and planning, but when it come to feed oneís family what could be more important!

If you OMAC, double and freeze, blanch through bushels of veggies or dance the dance of the 30 day gourmet pull up a chair, your notebook of notes and sit a spell. If you are a newbie ask questions! Somewhere one of us have run into or run over the answer in a quest for a saner dinner time!