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Thread: Kids Inventive Halloween

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    Default Kids Inventive Halloween

    Ok, so my three beautiful step girls are here and we are getting ready for a Halloween day at the park tomorrow. SD1 found my TWENTY YEAR OLD prom dress and said she wanted it so she can dress like they did in midievel times (I have so many things to say about THAT!!) SD2 is a Grettle witch, using her own costume with some of my witch attire, and SD 3 is easy, she is 5 years old and everything princess :www_MyEmoticons_com__makeupjust gotta find that magic wand.)
    We will travel one mile down the road to the park for food, fun, and Lord only
    knows what tomorrow (note to self: bring Tylenol).
    What is everyone doing with their little ones for Halloween this year?

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    Default Re: Kids Inventive Halloween

    Last night was the Ghouls and Games Night for the kids from our school. The party was so huge we used the local High School. We will be out 'ghosting or boo-ing' our neighbors this weekend no doubt (leave candy and goodies on the porch, knock and RUNNNNN!

    Other than that, we all get together and go Trick-or-Treaing together. Beer cart included!
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    Default Re: Kids Inventive Halloween

    Main Street (lol, for all there is of it) will be closed off on Halloween night and the businesses give out treats. We will also go out to some homes of people we know. We will be handing out treats, so will send DH with Kelli and the kids after we hit town.

    Corey is a bleeding skeleton (ugh, his mommy's idea), Casey has witch costume from Cracker Barrel (too cute) and I am going as a witch also, got a new witch hat, using some clothes & costumes I have to create the rest of the outfit. Right down to finger nails with spiders, spider earrings and a long black wig with a white streak.

    I love Halloween!!!!

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