Calendula & Chamomile Ointment

its easy and fabulous to make - it makes a large batch so half it or even quarter it if you want to - one full batch makes 10 small facecream sized containers.

100g dried calendula (marigold) flowers
100g dried chammomile flowers
150g bees wax
800ml olive oil

Take the flowers and add to the oil in a saucepan, Mix thoroughly in the oil.

Bring to a simmer over heat, stirring around

Simmer for around 10 minutes, make sure nothing sticks and the oil doesn't boil.

Take off the boil and cool slightly

Pass mixture through fine cheesecloth, new pair of stockings or a large coffee or milk filter (also a new chux works well)...

Let the oil drip through (it will be a beautiful bright yellow unless you use extra virgin olive oil where it might be a light greenish/yellow colour), now squeeze the flower heads to get all the oil out of them
(your hands will thank you for the experience as they will be so soft after this).... and chuck the herbs into the recycling bin, the worm farm or onto the garden.

Put the oil (once there are no floating bits left in it) back into the cleaned saucepan and add the beeswax

Put over low heat and stir until the beeswax has melted

Take the mix and pour into a bowl, place the bowl into a second bowl that has some cold water in it (in otherwords create a water bath) but don't let any water get into the mixture.

Now get stirring, the mix will start to cool around the outside, so scrape that down and mix it into the warmer stuff... keep stirring - honestly it doesn't take long

Now once it is all semi-formed in appearance and of the same colour (you can see the beeswax start to bring it together), take your clean jars and start spooning it in there - fill to the top and leave to cool.

Once cooled then seal and label.....

Write on them "Marigold and Chamomile Ointment" add the date that you make them... then add Used: burns, cuts, scrapes, boils, rashes, dry skin, cracked heels (one friend swears by it for nappy rash and my father uses it for shaving rash) and also add to the label "Not for internal use" - not that it would poison you in anyway as the ingredients are non-toxic, but because wax is not the best thing to eat...

Additional Information
I buy my dried flowers from a herbalist supplier but you can pick them up easily on ebay or from health food stores - just look in the area where they sell natural teas cause many people make their own teas up now - anyway they are very light so 100g looks like a LOT of flowers. Otherwise if you grow them then start picking and drying the flower heads .... the marigold that is used here is Calendula officinalis (the taller species) I wouldn't use any of the hybrids personally

Now store it out of direct sunlight and you have a ointment that can be kept for 12+ months once it is opened (this is why I make it in small jars, if they remain sealed after cooling then they can be kept for longer)....

Now you have a wonderful all purpose ointment for just about all skin types, I love this stuff, it keeps the wound clear of anything as it creates a barrier over it and water just beads off it ....

I usually double this recipe and make a huge batch but then I have constant orders for it from my parents, inlaws and friends ... there's another batch ready for making in a few weeks for Chrissie gifts.

Hope you try it, it really is easy to make and very rewarding to use something you've made....

100g = 3.5oz
150g = 5.3oz
800ml = 26 fl oz

So 3.5oz each of marigold and chamomile, 5.3oz of beeswax and 26fl oz of olive oil (told you it was a big mix)