Here's the raw list ... I might even organize it tomorrow.

Starting Date: January 15, 2008

[size=10pt][/size][pre]101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

1. Learn to knit socks that fit
2. Complete socks for me and for Rich
3. Replace all of our commercial dishcloths with handknitted
4. Knit sweater for Carol
5. Follow all 70 days of CYLC plan
6. Pay off Cap One CC
7. Pay off JoAnn CC
8. Pay off Orchard CC
9. Pay off Dell
10. Create and maintain Emergency Fund
11. Find a bigger place to live
12. Build our home business to support us w/o outside income
13. Make all birthday & Christmas gifts 2008
14. Make all birthday & Christmas gifts 2009
15. Make all birthday & Christmas gifts 2010
16. Send out cards & gifts for birthdays & Christmas on time - 2008
17. Send out cards & gifts for birthdays & Christmas on time - 2009
18. Send out cards & gifts for birthdays & Christmas on time - 2010
19. Quit drinking caffeine for at least 90 days (in process 1-15-08)

20. Knit cabled afghan
21. Lose 15 pounds
22. Lose 30 pounds
23. Lose 45 pounds
24. Lose 60 pounds
25. Lose 75 pounds
26. Ultimate Goal: Lose 90 pounds
27. Buy missing volumes and reread Harry Potter series
28. Create living will
29. Get my Social Security card fixed (name correction)
30. Walk the half-marathon 2008 - and finish
31. Purge closets of things I no longer wear
32. Complete my half-done sewing projects
33. Landscape front "yard"
34. Landscape back yard
35. Get a massage
36. Finish painting living room
37. Repaint kitchen
38. Go back to playing piano ... er, keyboard - goal to play 4 songs well
39. Make categorized playlists for mp3 player for me
40. Make categorized playlists for mp3 player for Rich
41. Get legs waxed
42. Get a professional bra fitting
Travel to:
43. Seattle
44. Detroit
45. Canada
46. Visit family in Delaware
47. Carry my own bags to the grocery store more often than not
48. Get a complete list of recyclables from the trash company
49. Recycle something every week
50. Purge the garage of unused/unnecessary stuff
51. Develop new habit: deal with paperwork daily
52. Ride in a hot air balloon
53. Make a little (no, really little) garden in the backyard
54. Scan family photos & put on disc
55. Hang shelves in garage for business storage
56. Make two matching throws for living room love seats
57. Walk a 5K in decent time
58. Walk a 10K in decent time
59. Keep breakfast bar clear for 30 days (developing habit)
60. Keep coffee table clear for 30 days (developing habit)
61. Reactivate my library card
62. Read at least one new book a month, fiction or nonfiction
63. Knit at LYS
64. Visit Kiwi yarn store
65. Visit Kathy’s farm/fiber
66. Create detailed “living” budget
67. Create a basic meal plan to use for template
68. Go hiking in Sabino Canyon
69. Use MS Word 07 at least five times in a row without cursing
70. Weightlifting goal: bench press 150 pounds
71. Purge files 2008 (in process - started 1-15-08)
72. Purge files 2009
73. Purge files 2010
74. New filing system 2008
75. Sketch, draw, or paint picture I’m willing to hang on the wall
76. Frame and hang my picture
77. Take a language course (can be refresher, can be software)
78. Knit a lace shawl
79. Finish assembling shoe rack
80. Create complete list of accounts, with account #’s, phone #’s, etc.
81. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for 30 days (creating habit)
82. Create list of USPS shipping boxes used for easy reordering
83. Fill kitty photo collage frame with pics of Silhouette
84. Find/make/buy urns for Nimbus and Silhouette
85. Declutter 12 things a day for at least 30 days in a row (not including papers)
86. Do beginner walking plan to retrain my walking style
87. Do Half Marathon walking plan to train for Half Marathon
88. Keep a daily journal for at least 30 days in a row
89. Take online course in php
90. Teach Pumpkin to follow 1-3 commands
91. Make household inventory
92. Weave a tapestry for my house
93. Spin the llama bump
94. Spin the Lincolnshire
95. Learn to use the new drop spindle
96. Wash the cormo fleece
97. Make my own handpainted yarn
98. Spin Rambouillet bumps
99. Ply yarn with new Lazy Kate
100. Scan important paperwork and back up on disc
101. Watch all of the movies we own[/pre]