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Thread: That January Feeling

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    Default That January Feeling

    I don't know about you all but at this time of year I tend to experience a little stillness after the hustle and bustle of the festive season http://www.everydaysuperwoman.com/blog/?p=17
    I am evil ~~ I acknowledge and embrace that fact!!

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    Default Re: That January Feeling

    Well, I have to say that very few months of the year around here qualify as "still." Even so, January is dark and cold here--it's hard to pry myself out of my flannel sheets on the dark mornings and our day seems to come to a stop earlier as it's dark by 5 PM and no one really wants to go out anywhere. It takes more motivating to get things done on these really short days.

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    Default Re: That January Feeling

    Oh I hear you Fiona. I miss the glitter of holiday decorations, though I appreciate the cleaner look of the house when they are down and things are in their "normal" places. But it is the glitz of the Yule tide time that makes it easier for me to handle the darkness of this time of year and w/ that gone, I get a little down as well. However it is an emotional thing, time wise things are still really busy and I confess I handled my missing the glitz by helping hte kids make the first of the valentine decorations this Saturday! LOL Lee

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