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Thread: Fiona's 101 things in 1001 days

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    Default Fiona's 101 things in 1001 days

    Start Date - Sunday 6th January 2008
    Finish Date - Sunday 3rd October 2010 (freakily enough this will be my 37th birthday - a good omen I think!)


    1. Lose 10% of goal weight loss
    2. Lose 25% of goal weight loss
    3. Lose 50% of goal weight loss
    4. Lose 75% of goal weight loss
    5. Lose 100% of goal weight loss
    6. Maintain goal weight for 6months
    7. Workout 4x a week for 6 months
    8. Walk the Sydney City to Surf in 2009
    9. Jog around the park across the road once without stopping
    10. Walk/run the Sydney Sity to Surf in 2010
    11. Book myself in for a Pap Smear and a Breast Exam in 2008 DONE: 4/9/08
    12. Have a PS and a BE in 2009
    13. Have a PS and a BE in 2010
    14. Get moles/freckles checked at the Skin Cancer Clinic DONE: 18/9/08
    15. Treat myself to a massage once a month

    16. [s]Get balances on all credit cards[/s] DONE: 7/1/08
    [s]17. Pay off DJ's Card[/s] DONE: 27/03/08
    18. Close DJ's Card DONE: July?
    19. Pay off Citibank R Card
    20. Close Citibank R Card
    21. Pay off Citibank G Card
    22. Close Citibank G Card
    23. Pay off NAB Card
    24. Reduce credit value to $5000
    25. Save $2 per day to add to debt reduction

    Entertainment & Experiences
    26. Hold a margarita party with the girls and watch Practical Magic "put the lime in the coconut ..."
    27. Travel to Vietnam
    28. Take a cooking class in Vietnam
    29. Go diving again in the Whitsundays
    30. Host Christmas Lunch at our new house
    31. Take a Belly Dancing Class
    32. Take a Flamenco Dancing Class
    33. Experience a full day spa treatment
    34. Throw 6 dinner parties for friends and relatives
    35. Take a cooking class at the Sydney Seafood School
    36. Go on a Food Safari trip in Sydney
    37. Ride a horse at sunset along a beach
    38. Take a Pole Dancing Class
    39. Do a Sunday lunch at Icebergs
    40. Do dinner at an 3 hat Sydney restaurant
    41. Explore Blackbutt (top, middle and lower areas)
    42. Go ten pin bowling
    43. Go ice skating
    44. Explore Glenrock Lagoon
    45. Spend a week's holiday at South West Rocks (my soul's home!)
    46. Try 20 new restaurants/cafe's by due date
    47. Go to a High Tea
    48. Release 4 books to Book Crossing
    49. Cook 1 new recipe per week and post a review on EDSW
    50. Review 20 Culinary Essay style books and post reviews on EDSW

    51. Complete my massage qualifications
    52. Set up my home clinic
    53. Resign from current position
    54. Make enough income from own business to be able to cover entire mortgage payment each month
    55. Make my first batch of aromatherapy rollers & sell them on ebay
    56. Buy my pharmacy
    57. Register my Business Name
    58. Update membership with NHAA
    59. Update membership with ATMS
    60. Take a manufacturing class at SEOC
    61. Join a Small Business Group to network and build business

    62. Declutter 1 room every month in 2008 - 1/12
    63. Create and establish weekly and monthly cleaning and maintenance lists
    64. Build our dream house
    65. Plan and plant a herb and meditation garden
    66. Plan and plant an orchard
    67. Create a blog and update regularily throughout the building process
    68. Buy a female Abyssinian kitten
    69. Buy male and female German Shorthaired Pointer pups DONE: August 2008 (decided not to buy 2 pups at the same time due to wanting to maintain our sanity!)
    70. Put all books, CD's and DVD's into inventory program on computer
    71. Welcome unexpected guests & remove the "we need prior notice provision" from our friends and relatives.

    Family & Relationships
    72. Get married
    73. Start a family
    74. Call parents & inlaws once a week
    75. Host regular family gatherings at the new house

    76. Get a new tattoo (late 30th birthday gift and graduation gift rolled into 1)
    77. Get a haircut, colour and foils (have gone 3 years without getting it cut and I've always coloured at home - need to change that!)
    78. Get a bi-monthly pedicure
    79. Get a manicure on alternative month
    80. Get a passport
    81. Write a will
    82. Go back to Colleen
    83. List 101 things that make me truely happy
    84. Get properly fitted for a bra
    85. Buy a pair of impossibly sexy, strappy heels
    86. Buy some impossibly gorgous lingerie
    87. Get a Brazillian wax
    88. Observe the calender more closely
    89. Take a class in makeup application and learn to put on makeup properly
    90. Take a meditation class

    91. Participation in a minimum of 6 local conservation work days through the Conservation Volunteers Australia
    92. Wrap and put 10 gifts each year under the Wishing Tree at Christmas
    93. Get the worm farm up and running when move into the new house
    94. Make better decisions around grocery shopping to reduce packaging
    95. Participate in a "Clean Up Australia Day"
    96. Use green bags when shopping instead of plastic bags 3/143 done (143 = number of weeks in 1001 days)

    Skill Developement

    97. Learn to debone meat properly
    98. Learn proper knife chopping/cutting skills - mine are fast but messy
    99. Learn to knit (again) without throwing it across the room
    100. Learn to cook a cassoulet
    101. Learn to draw & paint

    Phew that was cathartic!
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    Default Re: Fiona's 101 things in 1001 days

    Ok (after inspiration from Scarletwing) I will [s]strikethrough[/s] items that I have completed and colour them red and write the completed date next to them, and colour the ones I am currently working on in green

    That should make it a bit easier to follow
    I am evil ~~ I acknowledge and embrace that fact!!

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    Default Re: Fiona's 101 things in 1001 days

    I actually thought of a few more goals but I had already reached my 101 - so I'l going to call this my bonus round.

    Bonus 10
    1. Spend 1 day each year (excluding sales shopping day) shopping with mum
    2. Shine my sink every night for a month
    3. Sell college text books no longer needed (at college)
    4. Practice "covering my tracks" so I leave a room with no evidence I was in there for a month
    5. Put all the loose photographs (after decluttering the house) into the photo albums and label them
    6. Review digital photos and print some out (into albums), enlarge others (for wall art) and back up the rest onto disc/memory card
    7. Order something new/different when we eat out on Friday night for 6 months - 2/24 done (24 = weeks in 6 months as we generally get takeout or eat out on Friday nights)
    8. Go on the tourist tram trip around my city
    I am evil ~~ I acknowledge and embrace that fact!!

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