Has anyone decorated their home for the season this year?
My fall decorations are stuck beneath "stuff" that has been waiting since June 28th for DH to move the washer & dryer so the rest of the new floor tile can go down, but the Halloween decorations were right on top. Okay, most of them, some of it is in the sideboard behind the "stuff" stashed on, under and around the dining table. Yep, it's lovely, but that "stuff" is all that was keeping DH from moving the washer & dryer. Yeah, right!So DH is vacationing the week of Thanksgiving, but no way can he move the washer & dryer and all the stuff get back in time for his feast. He said on March 1st that there was a years worth of work. I have put down all the tile I can till a few things are moved, as in he has to move them. He finally got the Pergo in the living room on Memorial day. The kitchen still needs some details, but the new appliances got installed in March, mainly because DD took some carpentry classes in prison. So I am finding it all stressful. Doing what I can in the decorating department.
Halloween is out on Tuesday and my Thanksgiving wreath and the wood cut out in the front yard can be put up at that time.
How are you doing with decorating this year?