When you're planning for emergencies, which ones do you tend to plan for the most?

I tend to plan for the scenarios I consider most likely. We tend to plan pretty well for major fall and winter storms and power outages lasting three or four days at the most.

There are some fairly common events that I know we should plan better for: Fire, earthquake, and events on the road.

There are some events that we haven't tended to worry much about, but should probably give some thought to: catastrophic illness, loss of employment, contamination of the water supply (this seems to be more common in certain areas of the country, but it can happen anywhere in many different circumstances), water or gas main breaks...

Some people prepare for "the big one" - whatever that is. I was watching a show the other day on National Geographic about people who are preparing their families for some sort of huge event. None of them were preparing for the same events, which I found interesting...and yet the whole show got me thinking.

There are many likely scenarios for each of us, and for many of them we are completely unprepared. There are scenarios in which we are away from home, in our car, evacuated from or forced to leave our home, or possibly forced to stay IN.

What events are common where you live? What do you prepare FOR?