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Thread: Recycled Geodesic Ornaments

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    Default Recycled Geodesic Ornaments

    Here's a recipe for that classic ornament ball you can make from any sort of paper you want: old Christmas cards, calendar pages, photos, leftover scrapbook paper, etc.

    *Cut out twenty circles. (plus one for a folding template if you want) (you can make them any size, mine were about 2 inches in diameter)
    *Fold an equilateral triangle into the center of each circle. How do you make an equilateral triangle in the center of a circle, you ask? Well, first find the center point of the template circle by creasing it in half one way and then the other. Now fold any edge of the circle in until it meets that center point. Fold the next edge in, too, so that it forms a neat point with the first edge you did. Fold the third edge in, forming three points. Voila. (now you can use your template to base your future triangles on so you don't have to crease your good circles. Be sure to account for the extra bulk, though)
    *Now you have twenty triangles with flaps.
    *Top of Ornament: take five of the triangles and glue them at the flaps so that all their top points meet in the center.
    *Bottom of Ornament: take five more and glue them together the same way.
    *Center of Ornament: take the remaining ten pieces and glue them so they form a straight row - to do this you will have pointy-end-up triangles alternating with pointy-end-down triangles. Then glue one end of your row to the other to make a ring.
    *Next: Put the top dome on top of the center band, and the bottom dome upside down under the center band and glue everybody together.

    You can glue them together with the flaps inside the ball instead of out.
    You can also glue a top and bottom piece together with no center band, for a smaller ball.
    Helpful hints:
    Remember to center any focal points so they’ll land within the triangle.
    You can use tape to help hold the pieces together at the back so you can glue.

    Here's one I just made from my 2007 calendar. Last year I spent Christmas making one out of all our cards.

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    Default Re: Recycled Geodesic Ornaments

    wow that is really lovely!
    I am evil ~~ I acknowledge and embrace that fact!!

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    Default Re: Recycled Geodesic Ornaments

    I remember making these in school waaaaaay back in the day!!
    Telemarketing and tailgating should be made capital offences. [/snarly rant]

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