I am nearing the end of a a planned clean out of the freezer. I no longer have the big ancient freezer that I had when I was in the middle of my freezer cooking heyday. Now it is just the little one that is attached to the fridge.
But in truth, back then the freezer forays were about saving time and energy. There wasn't anywhere to eat close to the little house on the prairie.Now I freezer cook to save the almighty dollar and time. Instead of hitting a meat sale and putting the packages away, I now cook what ever I can when I get home. My little one doesn't like food. She's not picky- she is obnoxious about it.( there is a reason why her nickname is "Noodle"). So I end up cooking for carbohydrate boy and myself.
I have exhausted the salmon ( dang) and am looking at the pork chops and tied tenderloins that I made when the larger tenderloins were on sale for ninety nine cents.I have a pan of ribs waiting to go on the grill and also the a package of chicken breast ( this were some big breasted hens... man o man).There is chili and pulled pork and more chili and pulled pork. There is also a snowball from last month that Sofia is saving for prosperity.:peng:
Today I decided to warm up some awesome green chilie stew I made this fall when the chilies were coming in from New Mexico. I put some away thinking of the cold weather and knowing that it would be a wonderful smell when I heated it. I had it semi thawed in the microwave and popped into a sauce pan. I turned it on low and went to check the dryer. When I came back I stirred it to check the consistency of the potatoes To my surprise it was potato soup, complete with ham.
I have no idea when I made potato soup.It was good and hearty There was just enough for me and my bottomless pit of a son. I checked the back of the freezer and found the green chilie stew. I guess it is really time to clean out the freezer when you don't know what is in there.