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Thread: Christmas, in August?

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    Grin Christmas, in August?

    Yes, I know. Anyone who is dragging their Christmas decor out this time of year should just be shot. Well, I'm doing it anyway! Actually, dh is gone, one kid is asleep and I'm bored, so...... I thought I'd drag out my Xmas decor, one tote at a time and go through it, purging a good deal of stuff we haven't ever used, so Goodwill gets it before the season starts!

    I started with this tote, which is ornaments my parents gave me from when I was a kid (ask me why I'm holding on to the hideous things!), and a bunch of what I call "novelty" ornaments. They are assorted fishing and hunting funny ones, like a sardine tin filled with little fishermen. lol! Anyway, I did purge out one set of placemats I seriously think I have never used, not even once....some fake flake snow (like who wants to clean up that mess?) and now I have to take a break. I have to go to another room, put on my stoic charm, and try to get past any "contrived sentimentality" towards some pretty hideous ornaments.

    Anyway, I got inspired by the organizedchristmas.com site like I usually do this time of year. I already have an idea of a small gift to make to give neighbors, mail lady, garbage guy, secretaries at the school, etc. I have to wait on it a bit though until they actually start stocking the red and green Hershey's kisses. :bored: See what happens when ya get bored?

    So, anyone else working on those prelim Xmas ideas yet? Do share, so I don't feel like a total dope!

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    You aren't crazy. What I've noticed in the past is that if I don't start early, things just don't happen. September, October and November are crazy-busy in this house.

    This is the time of year that I usually evaluate what I have committed to making by hand and begin to gather any materials that I still need to do it. I have a lot of knitting to do, a quilt to finish, and many other things....

    The other thing I need to do now is check the end-of-summer produce for any jam or jelly possibilities.
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    I was thinking the other day of how to decorate the house for Christmas...with moving house...we now have to change how we decorated. We normally decorate the main lounge and dining area, front hallway, up the stairs etc as they were kind of all one room. In this house the dining room is part of the family room and kitchen, the stairs are kind of tucked behind the lounge.

    We will think of something.

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