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Thread: Cooking with Herbs- Chives

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    Default Cooking with Herbs- Chives

    (Allium schoenoprasum)
    Chives are an unnoticed element in cooking. When you have cousins and family members like onion and garlic it is hard to get attention.
    It is also hard to be noticed because there seems to be a large group of the population that think that chives are just green onion tops chopped up. I would like to send the food police out on occasion to check out the baked potato set ups as I think that there are people in the food service industry who have menus that say chives and are sending out the leftover onion tops.
    The difference is Chives are more delicate in flavor and the smallest in the onion family.It is part of the Fines herbes in French cooking. That is the holy trinity of seasonings to the French.
    Add this bit of flavor at the end of cooking- long term cooking will diffuse the oils, odor and you will have little green spots of slimy mush. The green is an element of contrast against pale foods.Since we first eat with out eyes the chives bait the tongue for what ever is coming forth.
    Americans want them for their baked potatoes- but they are also wonderful in omelettes or lightly thrown atop a breakfast burrito. I also have used the like parsley in a pot of parsley and new potatoes ( except it was chives, butter and new potatoes).
    Don't just buy them- grow them ! They come back every year ( I know I am in the South). I had them for about ten years, which amounts to one entire move to a different county and another total move into a new house.
    If anything you can impress your guests when ever you want to serve a real baked potato !

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    Default Re: Cooking with Herbs- Chives

    Can you grow chives in a container in a window, like herb gardens? Goodness knows the only chives available in Van comes dried and in a jar! They do, however, sell green onions, lol! I am envisioning a bowl of fresh, home made potato soup with a topping of sour cream (fat free, of course) and chives, yum!

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    Default Re: Cooking with Herbs- Chives

    Yes, you can grow Chives in a container in the window....I have, Mike loves egg and chive sandwiches.

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    Default Re: Cooking with Herbs- Chives

    Even here in the northeast you can grow chives. I have a big wooden bucket of them that comes back every year. My beloved is Swedish and chives are a huge part of Swedish cooking as well.


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    Default Re: Cooking with Herbs- Chives

    oooooo some finely chopped chives over a potato salad, or over some just off the grill salmon! delish!

    add to some mayo and capers for a dollop on top of fish

    And they definately grow on the windowsill - thats where mine are right now!
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