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Thread: To Quit or not to Quit. . . . .

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    Default To Quit or not to Quit. . . . .

    Smoking. This had been kicking around in my mind a lot lately. I can feel the effects of smoking on me now. Wish I knew some of this when I started, then maybe I never would. But that's then, and this is now. I'm just wondering about the options that are out there.

    I know of the nicotine gum, but that's kind of hard to chew when I don't have the teeth to chew it with.
    Then there's the patches. They might work, but they cost more than a carton of cigarettes.
    Going cold turkey will have the kids screaming at me and asking their friends parents for a cig to shut me up.

    And I don't think that it's just the addiction to nicotine that keeps me going back to cigarettes. I think it also had something to do with holding it in my mouth and hand, and seeing the smoke that comes out. Which brings me to the next thing that I found that might help. When I was in my favorite smoke shop last week, I saw a product in there for an electronic cigarette. This website is for the one that the smoke shop sells. Looking at it and others that are out there on the web, it seems like they all will do the same. Deliver a dose of nicotine while giving the smoker the feeling of having a cigarette. While all the sites say the same thing,"this product is not an aid for smoking cessation," it's made me wonder if it will help at least cut back on the ammount I smoke.

    With that particular product, I can reduce how much nicotine I take in until I get to the 0mg dose, and then I can work on putting it down completely.Or if I can't do it at all, at least I can feel better about smoking around the kids w/o giving them the second-hand smoke.

    I just want your opinion on this. It's something I'm just kicking around, but seriously thinking of starting.

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    Can't give you any advice, but just wanted to give you my support

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    Here is what I have learned.

    I was a 3-4 pack a day smoker for 30 years ... I tried all the tricks in the book .. none work if you aren't ready to quit. I quit cold turkey the last time and needed no crutches. No weight gain... a few heart felt prayers but that was it. I had tried a couple stop smoking programs at hospitals (worked for a while), aversion therapy, cold turkey, gums, patches, etc.

    The 8th of July was 15 yrs.

    dh was 52 years old last year when he had a heart attack. He had no high blood pressure and no early family heart attacks .. just the smoking. Two days in the hospital was a good start toward stopping ... he has gained over 20 pounds which isn't good for his heart, but better then smoking. He tried candy, gum, and making "straws" into ciggies. In the end, he just had to stick it out and not smoke. He still doesn't like not smoking, but he doesn't. You eventually learn to stop all the behaviors that go with smoking, but only after you QUIT!

    Aug 9th will be his one year anniversary.

    The gum will not help unless you use it like it is supposed to be used. And that is to hold it in your mouth and bite down only to release a small amount .. I chewed multiple pieces in an hour like regular gum and it made me sick as a dog. Then I read the directions ... couldn't stop "chewing" so stopped using it.

    Better to spend the money on the patch and be done in 3 months then to continue to smoke. If you smoke AND wear the patch it can give you a heart attack as well.

    As far as a smoking shop selling something to "help" you quit? ... makes no sense and probably won't work.

    I , too, wish you the best of luck. It is hard, but worth it, but in the end only YOU can quit. The patch worked for me a couple of times .. helped me to quit .. but I started back up later because I wasn't ready. Once you are ready, anything or nothing will work.

    Oh, and another thing that helped me ... when my child came home from school crying, because at 15 she finally had enough of the kids making fun of her because her clothes and hair and body smelled of cigarette smoke. A couple of weeks after quitting, I understood just how she felt after I had washed all washable surfaces (curtains, walls, clothes) and no smell ... until dh came back in from a smoke and stunk the place back up again *sigh*

    Good luck !!
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    You might try what my sister is using - it's a smokeless cigarette. She couldn't NOT smoke at all, so she looked for another solution besides the gum & patch, which didn't work for her. I'll have her post in here & tell you about it.

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