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  1. Re: What song was #1 the day you were born?

    The day I was born:

    US Smoke gets in your eyes
    UK The day the rains came
    AUS Tom Dooley

    I only actually have heard of the last one but it isn't a particularly cheery song for my natal day!...
  2. Re: What Are You Reading? The 2008 Version

    My latest read is called LA Outlaws. Actually got it for my eldest son to read and it sat around a bit while he was reading other things and I started it. It is a fun summer read, especially since I...
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    Re: Going to hospice care

    Hugs Thena, and thinking of your during this hard time.
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    Re: and the 'Mother ship has landed !

    Congratulations on a successful move. You rock!
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    Re: Freezing summers bounty

    Funny that you mention the chocolate cake! That is on my list of things to bake up this week. I am glad you endorse it as I am allergic to chocolate so all things chocolate I make without taste...
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    Re: Colour ideas for LR/DR

    It sounds very pretty! I wouldn't worry about going with something in the yellow tones either. My living room has a creamy yellow on the top 1/2, a deeper gold on the bottom half with sponging over...
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    Freezing summers bounty

    We have both our own veggie garden (at a community garden plot) and CSA farm boxes which we purchase from a local grower. So there is a LOT of delish summer bounty at our house. What we endeavor to...
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    Re: I am going to be a *******

    Hoping all goes well for you. I think when you see that sweet babe that you are not going to care all that much that you are the one raising it. I confess to being 49 with my youngest being only 18...
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    Re: What's for dinner????

    Tonite is busy for us so it will be ministrone soup that I did in the crock pot yesterday. I had a marathon cooking session yesterday and made 10 servings of veggie marinara sauce to freeze, zuchinni...
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    Re: Save my cat!

    It may not be an option, but if there is a spare room that you can put her in at night it might help. We have a cat who came to us as a wild semi feral kitten. Nuts that we are we got a new puppy...
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    Re: The Great Car Hunt

    It is fun reading about your car quest! FWIW we had a Sportage about 4 yrs ago and it was not a reliable car. The 4WD kept not working properly which sort of defeated the purpose for us of having the...
  12. Re: What Are You Reading? The 2008 Version

    Whoo-hoo! I read another "grown up" book! LOL It was really hot this wkend and while I watched the kids play in the sprinkler I read Mary Higgins Clark's I Heard that Song Before. Her novels are a...
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    Re: Don't cry for me ...

    So neat! I can't knit to save my soul but Kirsty loves to do it and in fact my Yule gift this December is a gorgeous sweater that she is working on. I got to pick color and pattern.

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    Re: New grandbaby!

    What a sweet picture. I love the way one of the sibs is looking at the new baby so intently. Congrats! Lee
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    Re: Oh Yeah,'s American Idol!

    Woohoo! I am SO glad David Cook won! I love his music and can't wait for his music to hit the airwaves! David A will find his niche, his musical style just isn't my personal fave. I was surprised...
  16. Re: What Are You Reading? The 2008 Version

    Hope your guys enjoy the series as much as we do. Robbie has the letter from the author in his scrapbook and watches the website to see when each new book comes out.

  17. Re: What Are You Reading? The 2008 Version

    Well I have finished Book 1 of the Father Tim Chronicles by Jan Karon. It was really interesting in that she used the "back story" of a former series main character to fill out the personalities. I...
  18. Re: Karis' Krash Kourse towards a new life

    It looks like you have accomplished a lot all ready at a time when staying focused must be hard. Good for you!
    You will notice I couldn't face making a big list of things to accomplish! I was afraid...
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    Re: Oh Yeah,'s American Idol!

    [quote author=Zippity link=topic=695.msg13540#msg13540 date=1210737801]
    Whoo Hoo! Final Three! :high5:

    Round One--Judge's Choice:

    David Archuleta--And So It Goes
    I agree with you Zippity!...
  20. Re: What Are You Reading? The 2008 Version

    Wahoo! I finished Stephen King's Duma Key in 2 wks. (bags under my eyes from late nite reading I am SURE!) It was a good read. His stuff is sort of predictable in some ways but still enjoyable at a...
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